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Western University
Sociology 2206A/B
Ryan Broll

Analyzing Quantitative DataDescriptive statisticsOnly describing one variable at a a timeFrequency Distributions o Raw numbers or percentagesCharts and GraphsSPSS frequency is raw number VariablesDiscrete fixed set of categories people fit into one category religion maritalContinuous infinite number of variables temperature age income Levels of measurement depending on this you can do different statistical tests o Nominal only have different categories o Ordinal can be ranked o Interval actual difference between the categories o Ratio ideal have a 0 Choosing measures of central tendency summary statistics Use the mode whenVariables are nominal ordinal interval ratioYou want a quick and easy measureYou want to report the most common score Bimodal when you have more then one modeIf variables allow look at medianVariables are ordinal interval or ratioVariables at the intervalratio level have highly skewed distributionsYou want to report the central score Gives a true sense of the data unaffected by extremely low casesUse the mean whenVariables are interval ratioYou want to report a typical scoreYou anticipate additional statistical analysesExtreme highs and lows can have a large impact on the meanMost commonly reported measure of central tendencyMeasures of Dispersion or VariationRange simplest difference between the smallest and the largest score o 2 3 4 7 range is 5Percentiles tell us the scores at specific points in the distributionStandard deviation most difficult to compute but tells the most
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