Sociology 2234E Lecture Notes - Phase 2, Retina Horizontal Cell

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Social Psychology Jan 24th
Review from Last Week
- distinctions among the self, the self-concept, and 3 kinds of identity
- all these concepts are about meaning and meaningfulness
- difference between self-concept and identity had to do with reflexivity
- self-concept was 1st order meanings that are stimulated within the context of interaction, even
though you are thinking about yourself - your doing so in interaction
- identity was 2nd order occur when you’re thinking to yourself, they are reflections on self-
- identity social, personal and ego identity (3 categories)
o social you reflecting on self-concepts pertaining to social roles that you play (heavy
role component )
o personal your reflection about who you are as a person (behaviours, characteristics
that are present across the roles they transcend roles)
o ego
- there are subjective (based off of self-concepts) and objective pieces of identity
New This Week
- Ego identity if you have ego identity that means that your ego has split off from itself it has
generated its own ability to look at itself
- this ability represents 3 things
o a sense of self that isn’t social identity and that isn’t personal identity
there is something you know about yourself that has nothing to do with your
roles or your characteristics
ability to sense own existence to sense that ‘I am’
o I can think about how I think
you form it later in life (age 18 +)
if something invalidates social or personal identity meanings come from our
relationships with one another if undermined then we experiences separation
the sense that you can makes sense and the sense that you are
o the ARC if I know that I think/that I am/that I speak/that I listen, then you have
accessed a universally true identity
o if there are others out there just like you during a crisis then you can reconnect
o How? By choosing to do (choosing to go back in think of it like getting back on the
o choosing takes moral reasoning - an issue of whether or not you ought to respect
- if ego identity is called on to deal with crisis it initiates the arc of choice, involves gaining a
certain type of energy and sifting through alternatives until you find your ‘good’ choice
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