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Sociology 2259 Lecture Notes - Sexual Objectification

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SOC 2259
Pamela Cushing

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Women and Deviance
Edwin Schur
- If masculinity is normal, then schur argues that
oEven when they are normal, women are deviant
- Feminists (and now many other theorists) argue that we live in a patriarchal
- Patriarchy: the rule of the fathers
Masculine Domination
- Sex vs. gender
- Sex: male or female
- Gender: masculine or feminine
- System of masculine domination: gender traits associated with masculinity are
highly valued those associated with femininity are devalued
Primary vs. Auxilary Statuses
- Gender is a primary status
- “Women are perceived and reacted to at least initially, and often primarily, in
terms of their femaleness”
- Hyphenization phenomenon: women doctor, female-officer etc.
- “Categorical devaluation means treating people as objects”
- Little Value as human persons
6 Points central to objectification
- Each woman is responded to primarily as a “female”
- Women are seen as “all alike”
- Women’s imposed secondariness implies an object-like status
- Subordination means that things can be “done to her”
- When seen as objects, they are easily ignored
- Social standing is attached vicariously through men
Specifically Sexual Aspects of Objectification
- Sexual objectification is the primary process of the subjection of women
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