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Sociology 2260A/B
Georgios Fthenos

March122014Sociology of LawCure Violence takes a threepronged approachDetectioninterruption of planned violent activity behavior change of highrisk individuals and changing community norms Found that the program successfully reduced shooting and killing by 4173Actual and attempted shooting were reduced 16 to 28 in four of the seven sited studiedBegan due to gun crime Retaliatory shootings were reduced 100 in 5 of the 7 communities examined in the report Example of an informal mediation method Law and Dispute Resolution A note on terminology Conflict resolution Conflict regulation Conflict management Dispute processing Dispute settlement Dispute resolution Disputing A Dispute is preceded by several stages1Grievance or preconflict stage Situations groups find unjustdepend on perception May lead to conflict or may go away 2Conflict stage Aggravated party confronts the offending party They communicate their feeling of injustice Dyadic stage because it involves two parties 3Dispute stage Involvement of a third party agent of settlementMonadic dyadic triadic At any stage some can drop the dispute Can go from 1 to 3 without going through 2 Dyad to Triadwhere an intermediary who stands outside the original conflict has been added to the dyad The stages are not always clear cut From perspective of law disputes are settled rather than processed conflicts are resolved rather than managed or regulated Conflict resolutiondispute settlement emphasize that the law resolves or settles only the legal components of conflicts and disputesoIt does not ameliorate the underlying causes oDivorce agreement upon assets not how people feel about each other Methods of Dispute Resolution Disputes are ubiquitous in every society Cultural factors availability of institutions for steeling dispute Two principles forms of legal dispute resolution negotiation or adjudication
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