Sociology 3308F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Allopatric Speciation, Underemployment

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Published on 20 Apr 2013
Western University
Sociology 3308F/G
Lecture 8: Migrant Farm Workers
Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario
Who are they? Demographics
o Mexico, Barbados, Jamaica
o Male
o Most live apart from their families
o 49-year life expectancy
Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program (SAWP)
Government program
Caribbean and Mexico
Wages commensurate with Canadians
Health and medical benefits
Employer-paid transportation
Film: El Contrato (The Contract)
Health implications
o Physical hazards of repetitive word
o Exposure to harmful chemicals
o Negative impact on stress and well-being
Issue of power dynamics
o No repercussions of abusing their power
o Large imbalance of power
o Lack of institutional support
New Farming Operations Legislation
Inclusion under OHSA
No union coverage
Migrant farm workers have the same right to health an safety
Large barriers hard to enforce
Social-structural challenges
o Program designed to limit immigration
o Pay into government system, cannot collect benefits (CPP, UI, etc.)
o Cannot control work hours
o Highest rates of fatality/hazards of work
o No regulation of living conditions
o Language barriers
o Geographical isolation
Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario
Social-structural benefits
o Typically improves family’s resources in home country
o Somewhat better than U.S. (more rules and regulations)
75% of new immigrants from developing countries
Nearly half of population in Toronto is foreign-born
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Document Summary

Demographics: mexico, barbados, jamaica, male, most live apart from their families, 49-year life expectancy. Health implications: physical hazards of repetitive word, exposure to harmful chemicals, negative impact on stress and well-being. Issue of power dynamics: no repercussions of abusing their power, large imbalance of power, lack of institutional support. Migrant farm workers have the same right to health an safety. Social-structural challenges: program designed to limit immigration, pay into government system, cannot collect benefits (cpp, ui, etc. , cannot control work hours, highest rates of fatality/hazards of work, no regulation of living conditions, language barriers, geographical isolation. Social-structural benefits: typically improves family"s resources in home country, somewhat better than u. s. (more rules and regulations) 75% of new immigrants from developing countries. Nearly half of population in toronto is foreign-born. Health immigrant effect : recent immigrants have better health than the average" canadian, longer in the country, health more similar to the rest of the population.

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