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Lecture 8

Lecture 8: Migrant Farm Workers

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Sociology 3308F/G
Kim Shuey

Lecture 8: Migrant Farm Workers Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario  Who are they? Demographics o Mexico, Barbados, Jamaica o Male o Most live apart from their families o 49-year life expectancy Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program (SAWP)  Government program  Caribbean and Mexico  Wages commensurate with Canadians  Health and medical benefits  Employer-paid transportation Film: El Contrato (The Contract)  Health implications o Physical hazards of repetitive word o Exposure to harmful chemicals o Negative impact on stress and well-being  Issue of power dynamics o No repercussions of abusing their power o Large imbalance of power o Lack of institutional support New Farming Operations Legislation  Inclusion under OHSA  No union coverage  Migrant farm workers have the same right to health an safety  Large barriers – hard to enforce  Social-structural challenges o Program designed to limit immigration o Pay into government system, cannot collect benefits (CPP, UI, etc.) o Cannot control work hours o Highest rates of fatality/hazards of work o No regulation of living conditions o Language barriers o Geographical isolation Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario  Social-structural benefits o Typically improves family’s resources in home country o Somewhat better than U.S. (more rules and regulations) Immigration  75% of new immigrants from developing countries  Nearly half of population in Toronto is foreign-born Immigrant Status and Health  Health immigrant effect = o Recent immigrants have better health than the ‘average’ Canadian o Longer in the country, health more similar to the rest of the population Healthy Immigrant Effect  Why a decline in health? o Health behaviour explanation: adopting the be
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