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Lecture 5

Sociology 3312A/B Lecture 5: lecture 5( quiz 2) - soc 3313

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Sociology 3312A/B

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Theoretical Explanations for Drug Use I Nature Theories Innate, universal drive that everyone has in them ‣ • This is what substance use is seen as • All human beings have this desire to alter their consciousness in one way or another • Drive to alter ones consciousness can lead to more problematic issues among some groups • Everyone has this propensity Helps to explain why even infants and children try to alter their consciousness without ‣ actually ‘intoxicating’ themselves with a substance • When they spin around in circles • Rocking and soothing themselves for this • No substances needed to produce this effect ‣ Drug use should not be viewed negatively — everyone has the temptation • But drugs can have negative outcomes ‣ However, the risk associated with drugs can result in negative outcomes Biological Theories ‣ Based on genetically inherited predispositions • Not everyone is equally susceptible to these Significant body of research that tries to isolate specific genes • • Alcohol is the only substance they’ve gotten close to - they can isolate a part of a gene that can be linked to alcoholism ‣ Some have tried to find evidence for a specific gene • 50-70% among men have had alcohol problems if their father was an alcoholic 1 Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Despite extensive tests, there is no conclusive evidence to support this argument ‣ ‣ Evidence has shown that alcoholism tends to run in families, but this is to solely based in biology ‣ People believe that if there is evidence that your family has had alcoholism then you believe that it is going to happen to you - so you can’t do anything to change that • It makes individual responsible for the issue as oppose to society ‣ Amniocentesis to test for genetic mutations that can make you choose to abort the child if there are abnormalities Psychological Theories ‣ Emphasizes either reinforcement and punishment or dysfunctional personalities • Connected with
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