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Sociology 1020

LECTURE 1 4152012 84000 AM What is sociology groups and how they interactsocial patterns and why people do the things they do how gender acts on groups social structure and how Canadian culture effects those how do you belong in different groups in Canadian societygroups or individuals in relation to social structuresagency capacity to act structure limitation on capacity to act people using structure and agency are able to form there system to they way the like it ex Driving too fast on the 401 weve made it so that driving at 100 Is not affectively in forced any longerWhat is not sociologycommonsense is not sociology they both day with everyday life but commonsense does not take into consideration social changesociology gathers data systematically unlike commonsense but also explains social functioning and social change unlike common sense which believes things will always stay the same Sociological imagination The ability to see between individual experience and the larger society taking a personal issue and relating it to a bigger picturesituational ethics and cheating survey is cheating always cheating excusesa denial of responsibility b appeal to higher loyalties c condemning the condemner d denial of injury denial of victimhow are individuals and social structures acting upon each other in this example Educational internships not many people get internships a lot of peer pressure to do internshipsa lot of internships replace jobs that people need and would havecompanies replace regularly paid employees with internships because they pay them less they take advantage of the interns employers make interns do bitch work but interns use internships on their resume to make it more impressive then it actually is no longer works that at the end of the day you would potentially get a job its free labor that has no job in the future people cant afford to work internships especially after coming out of post secondary schoolingthis internship is am increasing trend LECTURE 2 4152012 84000 AM LECTURE understanding Hernando Washington Commonsense mentally unstable no remorse for his actions weird guySociological perspective believed that he was abiding by the rules of the south side people do that no one takes any action therefore he reasoned it was righthe knows nothing will be done to himhas many encounters that tell him life has no valueWhat is the social theory An account of the world that goes beyond what we can see or measuregeneralizations or classifications about the social world and social relationships so how does Hernandos social status culture ect Effect his actions Early sociology Confucius role modelingPlato and Aristotlereflected how society should be Idn khaldun describes social change decay of affluent tribes also refers to empires and nations good example of this is the united states starting to crumbleEuropean Beginings scientific revolution
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