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Lecture 7

Sociology 1020 Lecture 7: Chapter 7 Lecture

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Western University
Sociology 1020
Michael Haight

Chapter 7 Lecture Deviance breaking a norm in society Crime breaking a law A law something that is stipulated by government Social diversions act that breaks the norm by a large group of people Ex. People freezing in place in Grand Central Station Processing each drug offence in NY costs between 1500 2000 dollars 1.64 mil people in US got charged for marijuana Different Types of Crime Violent crimes, crimes against persons. Direct threats of violence, direct violence against people Property crimes Victimless crimes, no apparent victim. Ex. Drug offences, for personal consumption. Bc no apparent victim, rates for victimless crimes are 24x higher than what we actually see in stats Sanctions Informal punishment: involves sanction that is imposed through something informal Formal: punishment that goes through the judicial system Measuring Crime Rates of crime vary over place and time among different social groups Police reported stats are the main kind These statistics have two main shortcomings: o It might not be reported o Because crime is socially constructed, bc police have ability to use judgement, authority figures get to decide which get reported or ignored Two Main Types of Data Selfreportedvictimization data: Policecourt data:
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