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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Chapter 1 What is sociology TheoristsPeople Who Influenced SociologyEmile Durkheim 18951917 French SociologistInvestigated suicide looked at social influencesfactors instead if individual reasons named them social factsEgoistic suicides suicides due to lack of social tieshigh suicide rateAltruistic suicides due to excessive social tieshigh suicide rate Anomic suicides extensive or rapid social change unpredictabilityno limits high suicide rateFatalistic suicides societies with too many rules and too few optionshigh suicide rateBelieved that society is base on consensus and cooperationBelieved society was like a human body a collection of organs each performing their necessary functions that segments of society were the organs and the society as a whole was the body Meaning that society could be fixed with the appropriate medicines and repairsAuguste Comte 17981857 founder of SociologySaw sociology as both science and religionThought of sociologists as the priests to guide societyKarl Marx 18181883 Created the conflict theory MarxismBelieve society was made up of individuals the weak and the powerful and that it was held together by the strongest who could use their power to coerce the weakerMeaning that social ills were chronic and serious and were built into societycures can only come from radical social change in which the powerful were forcibly overthrown to establish more cooperationGeorge Herbert Mead 1934 founded the earliest and still influential school of Microsociology and Symbolic InteractionismSymbolic Interactionism theoristEverett Hughes came to be known as one of the great sociologists of his timeFirst affiliated with McGill then later Laval
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