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Lecture 1

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Sociology 2240E
Charles Levine

Wednesday September 19, 2012 Lecture 1 - Theory template – science – enlightenment- (emphasize relationship between reason and rationality- romantic conservative reaction- Hegel. - Hegel tried to make sense of the previous theories, he failed - Template: - Social theorists have to think in a certain way in order to do social theory- this template is about how social theorists think - Deep structure of thought- ways our mind work that were not always aware of- how social theorists are - Moral awareness is based on mathematics - Questions social theorists deal with: - 1. What is society? Has to be something holding society together. Institution- organization integrated by values. Society is a coordinated system of institutions. How is it coordinated? Structurally and culturally- sharing of dominate values towards the whole system: - Answers: organicism: society is like a organic phenomena integrated by different parts and inter- relationships. If you are in the organic model because you are a product. - Atomism- thinks about society as an organism (like organicist) with one difference: concerned with the role of the individual. Individual is a product of the social.. Sometimes under certain circumstances the individual has psychologically separated themselves from the social in order to evaluate it or critic it. They think you can be something other than a product. Human mind is capable of stepping outside its role in order to critique its role. Atomist wants to understand what is going on with reflexivity- takes the form of a moral object, a critique- we don’t push ourselves out until we are angry about something. E.g cultural relativism- what is moral. Organicist is not going to see a difference between morals and conforming- following morals and norms is conforming to the norms. Atomist is saying that morality is not conformity. Morality only exists whe
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