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Nirmal Dass

st CL 390- Nov. 21  Ancient Rome- defixiones- referred to as curse tablets, in Latin means to nail down  On thinly pressed lead, with a nail pressed into it  With these tablets we need to understand they come from a traditions of personal use  Usually the people who practiced them were goeta (magician)- always male  This idea of condemning them is there because we don’t have a Roman system of policing  There was no recourse in society  The tradition comes from the need for policing  “Petty crime”  Magic is now necessary- policing  Insight about Romans, they are writing their own tradition and history  These are official voices of Rome  These people who are not part of the literary history  This is common literature  They are rich in details and in belief systems  All these official gods are missing and there are names we don’t know what to do with  They are gods but we don’t know them  We see them for the first time on the tablet  Did the ordering person believe in these official gods?  Did these gods really matter?  From the Curse Tablets we would say No, they don’t matter, and don’t interfere with daily life  It is these little neighborhoods that create Rome  The tension between the elite and the common people  There is a different mind set these people  The roman world itself is divided between different types of structures  What we are looking at it is the life between their belief structures  There is specific expressions of ideals and versions of themselves  Each person in society is creating their own
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