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March 19 2013 Lecture Bu121.docx

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Laura Allan

March 19 2013 Lecture Bu121 New Venture Competition Judging Criteria  Idea: originality and feasibility  Report/ Plan: Thoroughness and Visibility  Presentation of Plan: Clarity and Enthusiasm  Q&A Knowledge and Confidence  Focus on Cash even, cash budget, cash build  Are you attempting to make it as a franchise? Operations for Posting Mass production/ Mass Customization -does not fit with economic reality we are situated today -need a stable market since you are producing a mass amount of the product -need an efficient process -repeat the same process to squeeze efficiency in New economic reality -we are in a very customer driven reality or else product would not sell -our economic reality it constantly changing currently -technology is digitizing information to meet our needs Sustainability -development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs Triple Bottom Line -profit vs economic vs society -sweet spot is where those factor intersect where it gives you the strongest and most profitable outcome Dow Jones Sustainability Index -measures the most sustainable companies that are successful in the market Global Reporting Initiative -uses guidelines to compare with other companies sustainability -mort holistic image of the company Cradle to Cradle Design -uses a linear model -you take something from earth and making something from it and dumping it through a landfill (this is called cradle to grave design) -use the 3rs reduce reuse recycle (cuts down negative impact but does not fix situation) -eco effective in terms of design to begin with -nature sees waste as food in the cradle design -every output is safe and beneficial ( the nutrient) -biological (could it be designed where is goes back to the soil) -example of the sun chips commercial -technical (create part of the output and creates a lesser value vs
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