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Wilfrid Laurier University
Laura Allan

BU121 Week 10 Lecture 2 Critical Success Factors  Achieving Financial Performance  Meeting Customer Needs  Providing Quality Goods and Services o they have to care about their work and the business  Encouraging Innovation and Creativity o employees have to be committed to do so  Gaining Employee Commitment Key Chapter Concepts: Managing Human Resources and Labour Relations  Human resource management – process o Job analysis and design – planning and forecasting – job analysis*  Critical that you analyze what jobs need to be done (check text), can‟t do anything else if you don‟t know what jobs need to be done, what they are, and what type of person you need to do it o Recruitment and selection  Objectives of recruitment  Validity and reliability of selection methods  Recruitment and selection: find a pool of people that you can choose from (pool of people are recruitment, selection is the ones you choose, should be the best) o Training and development  Selection methods must show results, makes them be valid, reliability is a matter of consistency  Training is making them have the basic skill sets, development is developing their potential o Performance planning and evaluation  After training/development, have to evaluate their performance through planning and evaluation  Have to pay them well for them to be committed o Compensation and benefits  Job evaluation process  Pay Equity  Labour relations in a unionized environment o Labour movement and Negotiations  Laws – Employment Equity o Employment laws encourage diversity and prevent discrimination  Trends Recruitment Objectives  „Realistic‟ approach o Want to keep the best group of people you select o Want to use reality, not a selling job that will set them up for unrealistic expectations and will confuse them, have to be honest, tell them pros/cons o Recruitment is about branding yourself as a company to the employees  Employer Branding o define target audience o develop the employee value proposition  Employee value proposition: how you compare to competition, what message do you want to give them o communicate the brand  Generate a qualified pool of applicants o selecting recruitment methods – tools o yield ratios- % of applicants that proceed to the next stage o time lapse data – from start of recruitment to start of work  Need to produce right yield of applicants and a good measurement of time Validation of Selection Methods  Criterion validity o those that do well on selection method (predictor) also perform well on the job (criterion) o Looking for a correlation between predictor and the criterion  Validation Process:
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