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Wilfrid Laurier University
Esther Maier

February 06 2014 bu247 Job order costing: accumulates the costs for a specific order because the orders tend to vary from customer to customer Direct: can be tracked Indirect: cannot be tracked Purpose: each job is different Process costing: all products are identical such as soda drinks and breakfast cereal Two different costs: direct material and conversion costs (that goes through different process) – all manufacturing costs that are not direct material costs -assign cost based on equivalent units -generally 100% of the direct material is in the work in process account or assume it if the question does not state it -final step is to use equivalent material and conversion costs to allocate manufacturing costs to the ending inventories 3-47 the information below pertains to October production at Zippy Company’s bottling plant, which produces and bottles sports drinks. Each unit consists of a case of 12 bottles. Units Material Conversion Work in process October 2000 70% complete 60% complete 1 Started in October 10 000 To account for 12 000 Completed & transferred 8000 100% complete 100% complete out Work in process, October 4000 40% complete 25% complete 30 Accounted for 12 000 Costs beginning of $1050 $3240 October Added during October 8200 22620 To be accounted for $9250 $25860 Required: a) Using the weighted average method, determine the number of equivalent units of production for materials and conversion during October. Materials Conversion Completed & Transferred out 8000 8000 WIP October 31 (4000 x 40% 1600 1000 complete and 4000 x 25%) Equivalent units – production 9600 900
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