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Simon Taggar

BU 288 (OB) Values Attitude and Work Behavior January, 24/2013 Social Cognitive theorist: Self- Efficacy and you can master things through previous experience Behaviorist: Reinforcement and Punishment Amis Philosophy: Depersonalized, tear them down , and start with a new identity. How are attitudes form? Conditions under which person attitudes may be predict? An attitude is you emotions and feelings toward something, believes and values = Attitude. A belief is cognitive, what you think and values are the emotions (Thinking with emotion is attitude). Belief one thing and do something else is called: cognitive dissonance: When two sets of cognition and perception are contradictory. There is always perceptual bias as, everyone’s perception is different and can lead toward having the wrong attitudes or beliefs about the environment. Attitude goes to intent and on in tent goes to behavior. They differ in a job: If you do not situational constraints. Change attitude by changing behavior Cognitive Dissonance: Change the mentality by working with the people you has an incorrect *Intention does not always lead to behavior because you sometimes have situational constraints, however they are considered of a good prediction of behavior. Influence on Attitude Selective perception: What can be done to make diversity program effective? Positive reinforcement, reinforce the things learned at the training. Change the culture for training to transfer. Trainer should be perceived as credible and believable, a good model expert and bias. Moderate degree of attitude change No force to be voluntold, it has to be volunteer basis Discuss pros and cons “Organizations should do everything they can to enhance the job satisfaction and organizational commitment of their employees? Right motivation, right cognitive ability to have a better performance at the job. Higher the satisfaction levels the higher the performance. Pros: Job satisfaction and commitment. And increase labour grievances. Cons: Employees will not have good work balance and their own personal life will suffer. No balance between the aspects of the life. To create that environment costs a lot of money. Unethical performance. Organizational Commitment: a) In a relationship, love each other, emotional bond, Affective commitment (not cost-benefit analysis): Passion for an organization, the goals, and the values of these organizations. Organizational citizenship behavior: Out of your way to help your colleagues, you are passionate to help others for the success of the organization, and not your personal benefits. b) Continuous Commitment: Every day you think, I am in this relationship because it costs me to much to leave. You don’t leave the commitment because you do not want to assume the cost of living. c) People stay because the company is nice to them. Because of past helpful experience. Normative Commitment: Because the organization offered you a job or was good with you when nobody else did. Analysis: the highest performers and going the extra mile for the organization are employees with affective commitment. Continuous employees are negatively related to performance because they don’t go the extra mile, but its positive because they are doing as required. Use equity theory to decide why dentist who earns $100,000 a year might be more dissatisfied with her job than a factory worker who earns $40,000. Equity Theory: You compare your outcome and input and compare it to your reference group (in this case other dentists). When compared to other dentists, her salary is at a lower margin whi
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