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Wilfrid Laurier University
Contemporary Studies
Barry Stephenson

Ancients and Moderns October 1, 2012 Week 4, Monday social-historical context in which mark was written: Helinistic period, from greece and rome. Alexander the great. Fusion of all different cultures languages etc. Religious Syncritism: different ethnicites, food, religion etc House of israel just fallen apart due to genocide by Romans Jews are forming armed resistance against the Romans- ends with the destruction of temple in jersulam in 70 C.E. Textual contexts (jewish bible etc) Jews were expecting messiah to conquer the Romans Christ = the annointed one Messiah = “ “ “ one way to approach reading gospel of mark: who is jesus? Aesthetically Interesting Development: points out that a surprising feature of the gospels is that they emphasis ordinary normal people in non- ordinary roles. Comedies made fun of ordinary people. Gospels make a real break with this tradition: people are treated with great seriousness and sensitivity that you can't find in other literature at the time. Authors of the gospels- know nothing about them. Ouerback: Peter- ambivalent in a weak character- lots of doubts and denying jesus. Not a really strong character and plagued with fears etc. Question of historical jesus: points where gospels overlap, or where they don't match up. Hard to identify about jesus. Interpretive problems. Early part of the 19 century- tons of books writt
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