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Environmental Studies
Robert Mc Leman

ES Week 10 Lecture 1 11/12/2012 9:31:00 AM Global Climate Change Dust bowl Migration  Movement of people from dust bowl to California  Originated in cotton and corn producing areas Sequoyah county  Most worked in agriculture  Most farmers were tenants  Cotton was the main crop  Cotton failiers in 1934-1936 Headed to California  San Joaquin valley  Irrigated high desert  Cotton, and fruit crop  Oil production  High demand fro agri-labor  They closed borders to Mexican farmers at beginning of depression Child labor was common in the cotton fields Refugee camp in California Starving to death How leaves and how stays:   Economic Capital o Don’t own land o Had cars o Small amount of money  Social networks o Intact families went o Pre-existing connation’s to CA o Information o Settlement assistance o Insulate from hostility  Disliked by Californians  Human capital o Young and healthy o Skilled cotton workers o Sklled with draft animals Non migrants  Social networks o Local social networks o Community contacts o Church
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