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Environmental Studies
Robert Mc Leman

Environmental Studies Week 9, Lecture 2 Finishing Polluted Water, Food Systems Undesirable things found in water  Excess nutrients o Particularly nitrogen, phosphorous, from agriculture, municipal wastewater o Changes ecology of water o Stimulates algae growth and shades water, sunlight does not penetrate benthic plants cause’s bacteria that use oxygen, take all the oxygen, kills fish and other, only things left are low oxygen needed species. 1. Reduce the production Ways to Reduce Waste to entering waterway 2. Collect and treat it Municipal Sewage 99 percent water, one present waste Not all Canadian communities treat their sewage Victoria pumps raw sewage into the ocean Typical Evolution of Sewage Capture and Treatment Stage 1 no capture, wastewater collects in low lying areas Stage 2 storm drains and collection sewers built Stage 3 inception trunk and treatment centre built, it diverts sewage from going into rive to go to waste water treatment plant Wetlands are another form of treating water, habitat for varies species, and naturally cleans water G
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