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Wilfrid Laurier University
Film Studies
Byron Williston

Visual Style putting in the scene-mise en scene everything you put in front of a camera cinematography- interrelated Where to place the props and the costumed-mise en scene lighting c-kane physically and emotionally further apart objects between the people Man becomes more open and woman becomes more conservative/protective second shot kane is every shot lighting three point lighting-standard Key-Strongest Fill Back-Coming from back, face edited out always use 3 lights, depends on the type and amount of scene and light respectiely low key lighting deep focus-every plane of the camera is in focus long take-a shot that lasts an unusually long time (over 1 minute) people in middle or foreground have power People in background have little to no power american western vigilante's riding off into sunset wild west showdown establish law landscape is important to develop themes certain types of heroes to tame the bad guys may not be legal thus they can't be cops myth of west movies drive american culture- sci fi—same idea different setting actions-same plot different setting, ending do not need to know the cycles of themes & popularity tension between nature and culture ujimbo-savegry vs humanity brtalization vs refinement auteur thoery do not need to remember peopl
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