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GG101 Week 10 Lecture 1  Stream Hydrograph o Plot of discharge as a function of time o What influences the stream hydrograph?  Basin Size  smaller basin responds more rapidly because flow pathways are shorter  Basin Shape  compact shape responds more rapidly  elongated shapes respond slower  Basin Relief  more rapid response with steeper terrain  Vegetation Cover  vegetation influences amount of evapotransporation  ex forest responds more slowly  Surface Materials  urban basin = impermeable = more overland flow  permeable =slower response time, water flows to the channel  Storm intensity  Heavier storm, the stream will respond accordingly  Antecedent (preceding) Soil moisture conditions o Change  How do streams respond to changes, for example, a change in the land use in a basin  Consider a change from forest cover, to farmland to urban land use o What is the effect of urbanization on:  infiltration capacity?
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