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GG281 Hydrology and Atmosphere Week 5, Lecture 2: The Sun  The Earth has been habitable and the sun’s energy has become fusion  Processes that occur on Earth all tie together, ***RECAP: Comparative Importance Source of Energy Average PowerW/m3 % 1. Energetic Particles .001 .000004 2. Geothermal .06 .00025 3. Anthropogenic .02 .000083 4. Solar Electromagnetic Radiation240.00 99.99999663 Source of Earth’s Energy  We exist in Milky Way Galaxy  1 300 000 Earths would fit within the volume of the sun  Sun itself is studied primarily through theory o Technological advancements are helping society learn more about the sun o Core is very dense, and warmest point on sun o Sun does change temperature o Sun is not very dense o Two Different Sun periods: o Most of the sun’s energy comes from the core  Pattern of evolution of energy emission from Sun along this transect (core to surface)- energy dissipation occurs and type of energy emitted changes PLANCK’S LAW  Sun reverses it polarity every 7 years Understanding the Sun Humans wanted to know what produces the sun’s energy, and Is it finite. In the 1800’s nuclear process were not understood. In 1700’s Law of conservation of mass came about. Pressure within the sun is 340 000 000 tonnes/cm2 while
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