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b Oct 2

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Alicia Mc Kenzie

Justinian lawgiver, conqueror, last of the romans (profs fav) Why was Justinian such an influential emperor? Petrus Sabbatius Nephew of Justin, living in Constantinople, given proper education Justin wanted him there Neoplatonist (taught) – idea of world in harmony Illyricum Lot of ppl from here join Roman army Justin (518) Justinian Successor of Anastasius (everything wonderful ater anastasius dies) Justin Very old when he assumes throne, senile, took co-emperor Petrus Rules with him for his last 9 yrs of life Insomniac Always up doing things when he should be asleep; obsessed with details Amazing work ethic Obsessed with theology Circus factions Blue and Green Become enormously powerful Justinian chooses a faction (blue) because he has to do something about it Theodora Born to be a green animal trainer Involved with blues as actress (prostitute by very young age) Family poor One act, was naked, sprinkled grain on private parts; geese on stage to feed Winds up inAlexandria Monophysitism Gets love for theology Makes connections with religious people Returns to blues Meets Justinian, fall in love, get married He changes law to marry her Could have had her as concubine, but chooses to marry her She would be criticized in court Keeps it on the downlow until Justin dies The Right People for the Right Job John the Cappadocian Reformed taxation Bureaucracy Pop Legend Belisarius (under Justinian) Battle of Dora (530) Had people with small units of cavalry (some huns) Innova
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