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Lecture 19

Lecture 19

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews November 22, 2011 Psychology 19  Schizophrenia- split mind (of associative functions)  Thoughts, motives, behaviours radically different.  Respond to serious situations inappropriately with a fragmented human harmony of the mind  The thought- is very disorderly (we are often confused when they speak because they speak very awkwardly.  Emotions- inappropriate  Behaviour- extremely regressive.  We have known something about Schizophrenia since around 1674. Was referred to as dementia praecox (onset of madness)  Some argued that it is directly genetic to have Schizophrenia  Some argue it is just a label we give to people we don’t like or understand.  We are not quite sure what the term means. Potentially different kinds of the disease.  Doctors will agree about the disease only about 60% of the time.  1.5% of our population will suffer from this through our lifetime. If it becomes chronic, patients are often given custodial care.  You can recover from the disease in some cases. But for some there is just too much pressure for change, as it is a long term chronic disorder.  Onset for males is around 25 where it is slightly older for women. Women generally have a much better pre-disorder personality than men, which is particularly why there are more women than men.  Disorganized- 5%  Catatonic- 10% (adopt a position for a long time).  Paranoid- 40%  Undifferentiated- 40%  Residual- 5%  Positive vs. negative symptoms- positive means there i
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