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Lecture 16

Lecture 16

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews November 10 2011 Psychology 16  Somatoform disorders deals with the body  Hypochondriasis- believes they have a particular disorder. They have this obsessive with disorders they do not have.  In conversion disordered, the anxiety problems can actually lead to physical issues such as paralysis.  The placebo is sometimes the faith that solves this problem  The anxiety is converted into a physical symptom.  Amnesia- numbness, possible blindness.  I will not see as opposed to I cannot see.  The most common form of this is some type of paralysis.  The onset of conversion reaction is extremely sudden as opposed to a gradual problem. However it is also very sudden in the healing.  The significant part of conversion is “the beautiful indifference”.  There is no blockage in the Neuro passages. The problem could be in the sensory processing zones in the cortex.  Left handers used to be known as the side in hand with the devil, that why they are called sinisterly.  Dissocial reactions- amnesia I do not want to remember a specific event in time.  Quite common in combat for a type of numbness as their consciousness shuts down from a high level of anxiety.  Fugue state?? Erasing certain memories or identities. They kill their identities and find another one.  Dissociative Identity disorder- which used is known as multiple personality disorder. Alter egos are developed, most common are dual and changing personality.  Schizophrenia means split mind, not multiple personality!  For many who have a multiple personality disorder, many had been victims to sexual assault at a younger age.  Lactogenic disorders- treatment includes or physician i
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