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Lecture 3

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Kathy Foxall

Week 3 - b Free Association – the mind will make defensive associations to keep the person from becoming conscious of the true source of the symptoms -If the person can learn to freely let their associations run, then one can get to the true source of the symptoms Interpretation of Dreams -the royal road to the unconscious -playing out of the ID’s forbidden fantasies -ego defenses are relaxed, but not eliminated Manifest Content -sensory images that the dreamer sees -distortion of the true meaning of the dream (defensive undertaken by the ego) Latent Content -true meaning of the dream -can be deciphered by peeling back distortions Overcoming resistances – becoming conscious of the unconscious Freudian Slips of the Tongue -a verbal mistake that is symptomatic of a repressed desire, attitude, or belief Examples: husband referring to wife by maiden name Referring to ex boyfriend by ex-bf’s name The unconscious manifested in the world -remove the defensive distortions to reveal the unconscious The Development of Personality -the origin of individual differences -personality formed during childhood; fixed from then on -stage theory: -psychosexual development -personality is determined by how conflicts are navigated at different stages Freud and Biology -started as neurologist – focused on nerved energies -humans are primarily animals – motivated by evolutionary concerns -genes are replicated through sex (procreation) -motivation to have sex – pleasure principle Childhood Sexuality -a broader definition of sex -pleasurable sensations from all over the body -erogenous zones
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