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Lecture 6

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Pamela Sadler

Lecture 6 : Analog Studies Analog Studies  Diagnosed groups vs. range of normal variation : ex. Diagnosed social phobias vs. those who do not, or compare high's vs. lows on a social anxiety scale in a normal population  Analog studies : apply results of a study of undiagnosed individuals (ex. Those who score high and low on an individual difference scale)  Easy to find pathological symptoms in normal populations  Gives you a starting point of why Status of Analog Studies Varies  Sometimes seen as more useful and instructive to pathological disorders and sometimes less  Varies with view of psychopathology as being dimensional or categorical  Dimension : disorder is only a matter of degree (how much or little of symptoms they have), not in kind of disorder  Categorical : disorder reflects a qualitative difference : here analog studies do not tell you much about disorders Why Analog Studies are Interesting  Manipulated conditions are expected to differentially affect the behaviour of the groups : ex. Studying pain responses of high vs. low hypnotizables studied during hypnotic state in which they receive suggestion for pain analgesia  Often attempt to understand psychopathology and mechanisms that contribute to it or produce it  They are quasi-experiments, not true experiments : IV is not manipulated Analog study of restraint breaking  Looked at chronic dieters 
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