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Lecture 6Stratification Part 1Occupational Hierarchy of Prestige Supreme Court Judge 1 Professionals a TeachersProfessors e Engineers b Physicians f Architects c Chartered Accountants g Lawyers d Dentists 2 White Collar a Successful Independent Entrepreneurs d Supervisory b Executive e Clerical c Managerial 3 Technical a Computer types software hardware programming 4 Skilled Trades Aristocracy of labour a Automotive d Carpenters b Tool and Dye e Tinsmith c Electricians 5 SemiSkilled Work a McJobs service sector c Manufacturing b Sales clerk d Truck drivers 6 Unskilled a Janitorial b Migrant farm workers See John Steinbergs Grapes of Wrath c Street Sweepers d Shoe Shiners Social Stratificationsocial inequalityconflict theorists like political reasons for inequalitySocial complexityJoboccupational complexityhow many distinct occupations are there in societyas society becomes more modern more jobsa complex division of labourdivision of labournumber of occupationssocial differentiationmodern society is more complexin our world there are 4000 distinct occupational specialties some pay more than othersif postal workers make more than teachers teachers force the TDSB to pay them more they want to maintain the historical trend they were always paid more than postal workersthose who work in specific occupations will use legitimacy argumence wtfsomeone will make more money than you because its justifiedthey have more intelligence and more education and skillsNatural talent is unevenly distributedsome people score higherlower than other peoplePeople get jobs probably by networkingyou know a friend or family member that has links on jobs you have approval of someone already working thereTheres a powerful link between education and incomeGaetano MoscaInequality is inevitable in societyA political system is critical for social orderCoordinationdecision makingIf theres no political system there will be chaosYou need coordination of peoples behavior and then decision making
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