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York University
ACTG 2020
David Stamos

Strength Strong communication skills, and fluent in English, Cantonese, and mandarin which helps any language barriers with the client and myself. Positive attitude and good attitude at all time during work no matter if the customers a good or difficult client. For example, employees at BBW deal with many customers and some are difficult to the point where they will call and complain to the distract manager, but with our continues positive and great manner, at the end many of these customers have voted BBW for greatest customer service. Weakness  MS excel skills, taking a course right now to improve my knowledge and skills in Microsoft office excel. Procrastination has been a big weakness of mine few year ago, so inorder for myself to improve, I’ve always create a list of things I would like to accomplish and deadlines. And this has not only helped me to accomplish things on time, but it has helped me to become more organized. How to deal with angry customers 4 step processes Step 1 listen to the client and let them vent (Shows that you respect them) Step 2 Recap and ask for confirmation (is this what has happen, because it shows them that you’ve listen carefully to them) Step 3 Ask if there was anything else that they’ve wanted to add (this allows you to get more information on the problem) Step 4 Begin so
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