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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2500
Lykke Dela Cour

ADMS 2511 Session 1 Practice Problems Answer GuidesQ1 BlackBerry does not have any specific answersstudents can discuss their own opinionsA Over the last several years BlackBerry has laid off thousands of employees at various levels of the organization If students have difficulties finding articles within the last six months let them go back a bit further say within the last yearB Students would likely focus on sales and programming jobs Several layers of management at BlackBerry were also reduced in the layoffs that occurredC Most jobs described by students would be in the IT Services or IT Personnel layerkey is to clearly understand what the job is doing and the type of service that it is providing to the organizationQ2 Shopify and Fantasy FurnitureB For each of the following concepts define the concept and provide an example of each for a store like Fantasy Furniture FFRefer to the text Section 12 p 1213Define the following conceptProvide an example for FFData Numbers letters figures sounds orimages Specific example needed to obtain a An elementary description
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