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Full Textbook Summary CAD 2 ED. Management Information Systems CAD 2 Ed. I have made these notes from reading the textbook, and used the same notes to study for midterm #1, #2, and final.

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ADMS 2511
Ken Cudeck

 A collection of related activities that produce a product or a service of value to the organization, its business partners, and/or its customers.  A process has inputs and outputs and activities may be measured.  Processes may have as low 1 or several functional areas.  Example: Accounting Business Process  Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts, Invoice Billing, Etc.  May lead to competitive advantage if they innovate and become more efficient than competitors.  May lead to liabilities if they become inefficient.  Example: Purchase tickets online, the firm must have up to date prices, if not firm will hurt.  The following are significant measures of competitive performance in the organization: o Customer satisfaction, cost reduction, cycle and fulfillment time, quality, product differentiation, productivity.  IT is the key enabler of achieving business process excellence. o Business Process Reengineering is an approach that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of an organizations business process. o Starts off by viewing the process from a ―clean sheet‖ perspective and than reconstructing them to improve business functions.  A less radical, less disruptive and more incremental approach was developed to replace the BPR was called BPM (Business Process Management). Business Process Management  A management technique that includes methods and tools to support the design, analysis, implementation, management, and optimization of business processes.  Initially BPM helps companies improve profitability by decreasing costs and increasing revenues. Overtime, created a competitive advantage by improving organizational flexibility. Information Systems: Concepts and Definitions
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