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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Monica Belcourt

Supply and Demand HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING MODEL Labour Shortage • overtime • contingent workers • external recruitment • transfer • promotion Labour Surplus • hiring freeze (hiring restricted) • layoffs • job or work sharing • reduced workweek / part-time • early retirement, buy-outs (package) • downsizing/restructuring (flatter structures) The Recruiting Process INTERNAL Seeking current employees of the organization “recruiting from within” advantages: • builds morale • helps retain productive and motivated employees • information about the employee's performance is readily available • costs less than external recruiting • candidate is already familiar with the organization disadvantages: • can be counter-productive for a company to choose internal sources just because they are there • fosters “we have always done it this way” mentality (new blood broadens the current ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm) INTERNAL/EXTERNAL Current employees recommend job applicants Employee referrals advantages • one of the best sources because the recommendation reflects on the recommender • the recommender often gives the applicant more realistic information about the job than would an advertisement or an employment agency • higher job survival rate • often the recommender receives a monetary reward after a certain time period disadvantages • recommenders may confuse friendship with job performance • may lead to NEPOTISM (favouritism: hiring relatives of current employees) The Recruiting Process EXTERNAL when an organization communicates to the public that it has a vacancy sources: Internet – newspapers – trade journals Factors that influence the response rate to job advertisements: 1. Identification of the organization 2. Labour market conditions 3. The degree of the specificity of requirements e.g. general criteria like energetic, people-oriented -> high response rate vs. precise abiliti
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