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The Law of Torts - Chapter - Negligence and Unintentional Torts

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ADMS 2610
Sam Ling

Part 2The Law of Torts ADMS 2610LingSession 4Chapter 5Negligence and Unintentional TortsOverviewConcept of tort liability o Strict liability o Vicarious liabilityNegligence o Proximate causeo Duty of care o Foreseeabilityo Res ipsa loquitorManufacturers liability Defenseso Contributory negligence o Volenti non fit injuriao Act of god o Waiver o Releaseo Statute of limitationsRemedies o Compensation o Nominal damageso Punitive damages o Court ordersTort LiabilityConceptone should not intentionally cause injuries to another Initially only deliberate direct injury was actionable Strict liability o Responsibility for loss regardless of the circumstanceso Strict liability still exists in cases where activities or practices are inherently dangerous Vicarious LiabilityDefinition o The liability at law of one person for the acts of another
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