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Lecture 4

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ANTH 2140
Michael Gregg

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Lecture 4 September-26-12 11:41 AM  Diversity of new species evolve between 4-2.5 MYA in East Africa  Evolutionary developments in physical characteristics and new technologies that allowed the genus Homo to expand its geographic range Laetoli, Tanzania  Footprints in volcanic ash layer dated to 3.8 MYA Excavated by Mary Leakey   Austrolapithacus, Aferensis (Lucy)  Best known fossil  Increase in brain size correlates to the use and development of tools (Stone)  Oldowan stone tools (First) o 2.6-1.15 MYA o 1.9-1.5 MYA in text  Earliest evidence from Gona, Hadar region, Ethiopia  Not found in association with any fossil remains  What made these tools? o Homo Habilis o Robust Astrolopithesis  Differing surfaces on the stone tools o Dorsal o Ventral o Distal end o Pr
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