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Karl Schmid

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A short history of tourism “Tourism involves traveling and a temporary, and voluntary, visit to a place away from home.” Traveller Tourist or traveller? They are different. Tourists A short history of tourism Scholarly, religious and merchant travel • Silk • Persian gulf • When there are large empires, they are good for infrastructure • CARAVANSARAI—for merchants, you would park your camel and go inside Famous travelers • Herodotus—traveled the middle east • Marco polo—went to china • Ibn Battuta—Islamic scholar. Traveled the most! Pilgrimage • Religious pilgrimages has a lot to do with travel Roman travel • Interested in food and traveling • They had a lot of holidays Medieval travel and pilgrimage • Some periods where travel is more prominent because of wars for example • There was a travel book in the middle ages produced by the monasteries • Medical tourism: other places with better medicine and cures to sicknesses Elizabathian tourism and travel – 1500’s and 1600’s • Pilgrimage wasn’t that prevalent so why would u go to Rom
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