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February 6: The Anthropology of Psychiatry

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ANTH 3330
Christianne Stephens

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THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF PSYCHIATRY • What is mental health? • What is mental illness? • Are mental health issues the same world-wide? Why or why not? • What do you think might change the meaning or context of mental health? • more of a temporality and plasticity seen with trauma-adverse condition based approach to mental illness rather than biomedical, which sees something as genetically inherent and less reversable • Reading the Diagnoistics and Statistics Manual (DSM): Engaging a Dialogue between Anthropology and Psychiatry • Anthropology and psychiatry: ◦ reading the DSM: thinking through the mind/body distinction and its implications ◦ Transcultural Psychiatry and cross-cultural variation in mental disorders • "Seeing" mental disorders: a consideration of the bioscience of the brain in the construction of the person • Focus: anthropology and the mind/brain Mental Health in Cross-Cutlural Perspective • Anthropologists study the cross-cultural evaluations of health and illness ◦ how are mental disorders made sense of in different societies? ▪ Nevra, Culture-Bound Syndrome, Susto, Amok, Arctic Hysteria, ◦ What are the implications (social, personal) of these different ways of thinking about mental disorders ◦ Do all societies view disroders in the same way? ▪ psychiatrists trying to identify commonalities universals for why certain types of mental health are manifesting in different parts of the world ◦ How do diagnostic categories/treatements change in a transnational
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