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ECON 1540
George Georgopoulos

Chapter 01 - Operations and Supply Chain Management CHAPTER 1 OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Review and Discussion Questions 1. Look at the want ads in The Wall Street Journal and evaluate the opportunities for an OSM major with several years of experience. The following are some examples of jobs available to OSM graduates with several years of experience from the Wall Street Journal, January 18, 2000. 1-1 Chapter 01 - Operations and Supply Chain Management Some additional advertisements. 2What factors account for the resurgence of interest in OSM today? With the expanding objectives of productive and distribution systems combined with increased applications to services and increased efficiency of Japanese producers, there is increased interest in nuts and bolts issues. 3. Using Exhibit 1.3 as a model, describe the source-make-deliver-return relationships in the following systems: a. An airline Source: Aircraft manufacturer, In flight food, Make: Major service provided at airports Deliver: Arriving at the destinations city Return: Resolve any issues such as lost or damaged luggage b. An automobile manufacturer Source: Suppliers of components and raw materials Make: Physical facilities Deliver: Car Dealers Return: Warranty claims 1-2 Chapter 01 - Operations and Supply Chain Management c. A hospital Source: Medical supplies, cleaning services, disposal services Make: Hospital rooms, Emergency Room, Operating Rooms Deliver: Ambulance, Patience families driving, Return: Billing errors, follow up visits d. An insurance company Source: Supplies needed for the office, Underwriters Make: clients facilities insurance company office Deliver: Return: refund of overpayments 4. Define the service package of your college or university. What is its strongest element? Its weakest one? The categories with examples are: Supporting facility - location, buildings, labs, parking. Facilitating go
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