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Lecture 9

EN 3193 Lecture 9: EN 3193 - Winter

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York University
EN 3193
Judith Stuart

EN 3193 03.22.17 Essays Due Today th Exam April 5 Next Week • Bowling for Columbine film • Test Prep Last Week • Female heroines and fairy tales defined • Generation of feminism that feels that these stories undermine anything resembling a woman’s confidence; if women wait for men to rescue them, you can wait a long time • Sometimes he rescues you and sometimes he ends up controlling you This Week • Angela Carter o Want women to have power, secrets, social and sexual desire, be autonomous, to reclaim the fairy tale o An active reclamation; didn’t dispute the idea that there’s a frail woman of no use other than being attractive in a fairy story but she’s not willing to say that we should abandon them o Takes pleasure in making her heroines autonomous to some degree, but also there’s a little bit of villainy in each woman o There’s wickedness in these women, a woman doesn’t have to be pure, chaste and passive to be a heroine; she can have a dark side too o Even the very young ones seem to be darker; innocence of youth and puberty doesn’t seem to eradicate that she can have wickedness in her heart o Menses and blood tropes work their way through these stories o Notion of delicate child abandoned in the wood/delicate little girl heroine folklore have been tweaked and twisted o Company of wolves owes to Red Riding Hood; idea of the cottage, young woman • Company of Wolves o What saves Red Riding hood traditionally is the huntsman o What saves her in this story is sexuality, recognizes that death is imminent and decides that she will be no man’s meat; has a sexual rapacity that is as strong as the wolf-man, doesn’t need to fear o He’s a wolf, but on some level so is she; she’s tamed him and he’s awoken her • Wolf-Alice o A bit of folklore but not a recognizable story based plot o Wild child story th o Predominant in the 19 century; women were abandoning children, men were taking children away from them and abandoning them o Stories of abandoned children being rescued took it as salutary in a tim
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