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ENVS 2200
Stefan Kipfer

MunibaAbdulAziz29Nov2013Race Racism and Urban SpaceBoth Parker and Nightingales readings talk about the racism and segregation toward the African Americans and low income working class in the US Parker thexplains that ghettos in the 20 century were residential districts with one predominant ethnic or cultural group and were similar to the ethnic enclaves such as the Chinatown The Chicago consensus showed that African Americans remained highly segregated in these ghettos This segregation created the white suburbs due to the restriction on plot developments in order to keep housing densities low and allow for construction of only expensive family type housings Such land segregation with the influence of economic exclusion resulted in poverty crime low educational achievement and poor health in return creating a vicious circle of racism and poverty Nightingale makes a similar argument about segregation It was everywhere as the former slave owning cities were finding new ways to attain political supremacy and this racial control was done through segregation The greatest way this racial control was spread throughout the world in colonial countries like India South Africa and Hong Kong through the control of urban rea
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