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Lecture 4

ENVS 3710 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Wet Meadow, Organism

Environmental Studies
Course Code
ENVS 3710
Sam Benvie

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Understanding landscape pattern involves recognizing and understanding landscape structure in relation
to heterogeneity
- Need to recognize it the landscape before you are able to interpreter it
Landscape structure can be thought of over archingly as networks of patches and corridors within a
- Network of patches and corridors
- Different eco systems: don valley and humber valley
- Ecological barrier
In a more precise sense landscape structure is the distribution of energy, materials, and species in
relation to the sizes, shapes, numbers, kinds and configurations of landscape elements and ecosystems
- Structure being objects
- Might miss interpret structure not being a type of process
- Materials given to use to make different structures
- *NOTE: see things separately; they are all interconnected together
- All connect together ecosystems; cannot work without the functions
In landscape pattern, the focus is on the overarching structure of matrix and network.
- Magnify structure both things change in relations to …
Distinguishing matrix: three matrix criteria relative area
- Largest landscape the matrix (the largest area)
IMG: the agricultural landscape the field
IMG: the river the wet meadow
- Connecting patches
Distinguishing matrix:
IMG: agricultural landscape animals from the top can find its way to the bottom (flow the
- Connectivity solid connection (might be connected for us but not always solid for the organism
that we are creating for) or spotty
Distinguishing matrix: Dynamics
- Relationship with the matrix and the corridors
- Pasture is unstable dynamic change (the gradual movement outwards of the woods into the
- The matrix isn’t stable – something intervene (the woods would eventually replace the fields)
- The headro wood vegetation could go into the field
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