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Nov 14 – The Post War Hollywood Western Film and TV Westerns .docx

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Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

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November 14 – The Post War Hollywood Western Film and TV Westerns Case Study: The Cold War and the Television Western • western took off immediately after tv took off after ww2 • b westerns and serials made in hollywood during 1930s and 40s became a regular staple on tv in its early days • lone ranger and cassidy - kids programming • adult westerns in mid 50s • 1959 28% regular series on tv were western—-25% of all programming • gunsmoke - 20 seasons from 1959-1979 #1 show on tv for 4 seasons Readings: Textbook Chapter 9 • ww2 began to change relationship between heroes of the frontier and natives who they fought • before ww2 hard to find natives positively in western films • this created awkwardness around issues of history and treatment of natives by whites this upset US who wanted to send rest of world message about importance of stopping the overly racist policies of • enemies (japan and Germany) • fight against facism in europe raised uneasy questions about history of racial discrimination in US • early westerns: natives vs whites/ savage vs civilized • 1947-1950 30% of movies were westerns • just as the americans brought their superior civilization to the wilderness of the west so too in the post war political order dominated by the US the benefits of civilization would be brought to be a on these other regions • us with united nations and their military created a posse to stop communists from reunifying for the korean war of 1950 • stalemate in 1953 but US allied south Korea • late 1960s less westerns • increasingly urban society became largely uninterested in stories ab
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