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The Middle East and World War I Regarding the Ottoman Empire before WWI, WWI and the Arab Revolt, Zionism and the Balfour Declaration.

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HIST 1010
William Irvine

The Middle East and WWI 1 The Ottoman Empire Before WWI Ottoman Turks controlled a huge part of what is now Central Europe as late as the beginning of the 19C By 1914 the Arabs started acquiring nationalist ideas This took a long time to come about because even though they were all Muslim the different sects divided them Throughout 20thC Middle East was very appealing to Europe especially Great Britain and France Area was of great strategic importance Also before WWI oil was discovered in the Middle East Nonetheless Britain was updating its fleet and started using oil instead of coal Nov 1914 the Ottoman Empire entered WWI on Germanys side making France and Britain even more interested in the Middle East 2 World War I and the Arab Revolt Britain in an attempt to get Ottoman Empire out of the war encouraged the Arabs to revolt against them Hussein Sherif of Mecca was in charge of the Arabian people unofficially Sir Henry McMahon British diplomat helped Hussein orchestrate the revolt The Arab Revolt however did not amount to much Britain was very dishonest at this period to Hussein and the Arabian people3 Zionism A movement to get Jews to return to Palestine where they will finally have their homeland back AntiSemitism in the 1890s gave the Zionism movement more velocity as most Jewish people wanted to escape the persecution they
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