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Early Rome Lecture that focuses on the historian souces for the rise of Rome. As to whether or not these sources are reliable or not? (i.e. Annals, Archaeological, documentary etc. sources)

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HIST 2100
Ben Kelly

100111 History Lecture Early Rome The Literary Sources on Early Rome Narrative histories present a detailed narrative of Romes history from the earliest time The general outline of these narratives is as follows1Rome was founded in the mideighth century BC several authors specify the year 753 BC2 Rome was founded by Romulus who was supposedly descended from Trojans who had fled to Italy after the Trojan War3 Romulus became the first king of Rome4 After Romulus there were six more kings in 509 BC they threw out the kings and started a RepublicTarquinius Superbus Tarquin the ProudTarquin the Proud was the last king of Rome as his ruthless reign made roman overthrow the monarchy Historian Livy narrates his life and accounts of early Roman historyAccording to Livy the main points of Tarquins career were as follows1 Tarquin the Proud was the son or possibly grandson of King Tarquinius Priscus who was originally Etruscan2 When his dad granddad died Servuis Tullius was appointed king so Tarquin the Proud and his wife devised a plan that got Servuis assassinated and he took the throne Tarquins wife was the daughter of Servuis and after he died she drove over him with he
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