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The eighth century revival and the rise of the polis.docx

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HIST 2100
Jeremy Trevett

The eight century revival and the rise of the polis Lefkandi - Lefkandi on west coast of island of Euboea, was site of major dark age settlement. - Large apsidal house containing burial of ruler and wife. o Apsidal just means one end is curved o A wife, his hand, and a bunch of grave goods  Centaur (ceramic)  Wearing splendid Madonna style metallic brazier  Vase  Gold jewelry  Scarab and seal  Site somehow (indirect or direct) in contact with egypt o Dead man presumably a hero (or ruler of this community)  Someone who had power in life and was given shit because he was awesome. o Suspicion that wife was killed along with horses as a ritualistic killing. - Evidence of religious activity at house site > heroon (shrine to hero) - Grave goods in cemetery show contacts with Egypt and Phoenicia.(fenisha) - Island of Euboea was an important place in greek history. th The 8 century revival - Massive increase in number of burials in various regions of Greece. o Attika: 8x as many burials than in the 9 century. - But did population rise at same rate? o Does this imply an 8 fold increase in population? o It’s just implausible. o A small community is just expanding to an ample size of land. o Due to change in burial practices.  More people were receiving formal burials  That is to say burials that can be spotted by archeologists o Then this development indicates that society is becoming more equal.  More people within the community thought to be worthy of that kind of burial. - Evidence of greater wealth o Quantity and value of graved goods o Pottery  Had declined in quality sharply after the fall of the myceneaen palaces o Geometric pottery (attika)  Is impressive in quantity  Size  Quality of the decoration  Some of the larger ones were grave markers for the wealthy. o Number of wealthy graves having been excavated - City walls and town planning. o Coast of asia minor and islands of the agean
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