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HIST 2600
Rebecca Jubis

Parwana Lutfi 210887123 YORK UNIVERSITY School of Administrative StudiesADMS 2320 30 Winter 2013 Quantitative Methods IProfessor Section Assignment Due Date Personal Work StatementI the undersignedwarrant that the work submitted herein is my work and not the work of othersacknowledge that we have read and understood the Senate Policy on Academic Honestyacknowledge that it is a breach of the University Regulations to give and receive unauthorized assistance on a graded piece of work Name Print York StudentSignature1 Parwana Lutfi 210887123 1 Case 1US Cell phone carrier 15 marks In 2011 the companies that dominate the US cell phone carrier market were ATT Sprint Verizon and TMobile The following table shows the results of a survey that asked 40 people to name the company that provides their current cell phone service This data can be found in the file CellPhoneCarrierxls posted on the course website with the assignment files Sprint Verizon Sprint TMobile A TT Verizon Sprint Verizon A TT A TT Sprint TMobile A TT TMobile Verizon A TT TMobile Sprint A TT A TT Sprint TMobile A TT A TT Sprint Sprint ATT Sprint A TT Sprint ATT Sprint TMobile Verizon Verizon Sprint Verizon Verizon TMobile A TT In class we introduced a few types of tools that will allow you to describe the data above Choose the best two tabular and two graphical tools to describe the data above and analyze the results verbally Graphical descriptive techniques are an effective way to arrange summarize and present data to enable meaningful interpretation and to support decision makingWith the data above we are looking to determine a method of illustrating such information that conveys and presents information statistically for the reader to interpret However before determining how to translate the data descriptively we must determine what kind of data we are dealing with Raw data can be either one of three types interval nominal or categorical data Interval data are numerical and quantitative examples include ones salary height weight age and so forth Nominal data unlike interval is qualitative in nature and categorical examples include the color of your car or your gender Nominal data may only be expressed graphically in bar and pie charts as well as arithmetically in proportions and frequencies Finally ordinal data consists of categorical data that is ranked Examples include rating your professor at the end of the semester from 15 where 1 translates into a poor rating and 5 translates into an excellent rating The 2011 US cell phone carriers market data above are nominal data and can be effectively illustrated in a pie chart and bar chart The pie chart is usually most favored because of its whole nature alongside expressing data in a proportional method that is easy to comprehend Each slice of a pie chart represents a proportion frequency for the data2 Parwana Lutfi 210887123 given Another effective graphical technique of representing the nominal data above is through a bar graph this technique uses height to differentiate amongst categorical data instead of percentages to illustrate frequencySeeing as nominal data is discrete categorical data performing arithmetic calculations would be useless for example if we converted all the above data into numbers and found an average of 35 what would that proveIn such cases effective tabular methods could only be calculated through frequency distribution shown in bar graphs and relative frequencies shown in pie graphs The methods described above are illustrated as follows US Cellphone Carriers 20110 SprintVerizon Sprint 20 30 ATTTMobile TMobile18 ATT 32 VerizonUS Cellphone Carriers 2011 1413 1212 10 88 7 6Frequency420SprintATTTMobileVerizonCellphone Carrier3
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