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December 4 - Lecture #12.docx

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HIST 2710
Bernard Luk

December 4 HIST 2710 Lecture Notes Sui-Tang Empire (cont’d) Height of Tang power and prestige, ca. 650-750 CE  Silla as “tributary”: Korean independence  Re-assertion of control over northern Vietnam  War and diplomacy along Great Wall with Turk empire  Marriage diplomacy with Tibetan kingdom  Military “protectorate” over Silk Road oasis states  Cosmopolitanism:  Universal claim of emperor: “Son of Heaven” ruler of “All Under Heaven”  Buddhism, Daoism patronized by emperor, along with Confucianism  Persons and cultures from all over Asia  VN and Korean officials in Tang government  E.g., Gao Xianzhi (Go Sunji), Korean general of Tang led campaign to Central Asia  Korea & Japanese student-monks in China  Diplomacy with Turk, Tibet, Japan, Sassanian Iran, etc.  Silk Road links with West Asia, south Asia: Persian, Turk, Central Asians soldiers, merchants Many new Religions: Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, Nestorian Christianity, Judaism - Silk Road Culture: China, Korea, Japan Invention of wood block printing - Spread education, literature culture - Han Confucian texts are carved on stone monuments - white writing on black printing  carving texts on woodblock for printing Tang army campaign to forestall Arabs and Tibetans joining forces - battle of talas (751 CE)  over the silk road  delineated limits of East Asian/ Mid East civilizations and might  we
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