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HIST 3131
Ben Kelly

Lecture 1 September-10-12 4:27 PM  Focusing on the wars that Rome won, creating their empire  Core of the Roman army, the citizen soldiers o Many killed during the wars  Why did the romans succeed? Imperialism  Power that a political office holder, command obedience in domestic politics  Rome's power to command other stated to do its will  Empire in this territorial sense, with permanent occupation, provinces and governors  167 BCE, Rome subjected all of the known world to their world  Although no land in Eastern Mediterranean was owned by Rome Approaches to Roman Imperialism  Wars waged to protect the Romans and their allies o Self defence o Economic gain o Slave trade o Tax systems o Exploitation of natural resources o Ideology of the elite o Role of periphery o International systems theory  Weaker states, surrounding Rome often ask for protection  Initiative called on my smaller states, not Rome Why were the Romans so aggressive?  How the adulthood of male citizens were shaped  Live "Rome faced many terrors" o This shaped the culture and aristocracy of tough, aggressive Rome o Any sign of weakness results in the trampling of Rome Terrifying Neighbours: Latins, Etruscans, Celts and Samnites Latins  Latins were small city-states 
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