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Lecture 5

HIST 3180 Lecture 5: week 5

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HIST 3180
Thabit Abdullah

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th Class 5 16 October 2017 Establishment of Sasanids Rule Origins New dynasty Empire Centralization Shapur I (239270) Wars with Rome th AD We move in the 100 , Parthians rule became more fragmented and de centralized. Growth of vibrant cities during decentralization. Constant war with Rome, however is debatable. 116AD, Roman emperor Trajan, launch a massive invasion on Parthian land. He took all of Mesopotamia. Addition invasion, 165 and 198. In the year 218, Parthian defeated the Romans. At least 3 occasions, the romans went in bound of the Parthian in land. Parthians were never successful of placing their faith in the Persian society. Fars was a trouble spot for the Parthians. Sasanids Empire Ardeshir I became king after defeating Ardawan IV (last Parthian king) 224 CE Ardeshir father Papag (Governenor of city) Papag was a descendent of Priest who took care of temple of Anahita (cult was famous for warriors) The city which had Anahita was the city of Istakhr. Sasan was the grandfather of Ardeshir (some believe he was the father in law of papg) One of the care takers of Anahita was a person called Sasan. Anahita was being cooperated into Mazda worshipping. Sasan had a blood of achemedics. Around 200 Papag defeat a local leader who was a vessel of Parthians. Papag was showing his legitimacy being a descendent of Achemedians. Papag died 220CE. Power struggle between his sons, between Ardeshir and Shapur.
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