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HIST 3760A Modern Japan- Early Tokugawa Economy

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York University
HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1thMonday September 26 2011HIST 3760AEARLY TOKUGAWA ECONOMYMost think of Japan as a small island country 13 the size of Ontario a population of 125 to 130 million and steadily decreasingThe land is very mountainous and does not seem like it can sustain a large populationJapan has one of the highest population densities in the world very crowdedrdJapan has the 3 greatest GNP gross national productJapan is not permitted to have a military but that is not true they have a selfnddefense force and spend 2 highest in their military forcePeriodizing the timeNeolithic Revolution transition from food gatheringhunting gathering to food producingoDue to the nature of the activities they moved around oftenoAs a result most members of society became involved in farming and then slowly settledIndustrial Revolution transition from food producing to manufacturingoCharacterized by mechanical production and fueled by chemical means coal gasoline not muscle powerAs societies move forward in time they can support more and more people
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