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HIST 3760A Modern Japan- Diplomacy and Trade in Seventeenth-Century East Asia

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York University
HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1rdMonday October 3 2011HIST 3760ADIPLOMACY AND TRADE IN SEVENTEENTHCENTURY EAST ASIAThere was very little democracy in Japan until after the second world warThe diplomatic world of East AsiaoThe world order is ChinacenteredoChina has hegemony in that world the other countries recognize China in that manneroPolitics trade diplomacy were not neatly distinguishedJapan is luckier than Korea because Japan is separated from China by water but Korea is connected to China by landoIf China decides that they do not like Korea it is very easy to take actionJapan did not want to be subservient to ChinaChina was the world order all other countries were in its peripheryoOthers adopted Chinese cultureoIf you rejected you were viewed as less civilized by the ChineseoThey would be looked at as barbarian not yet civilized oThe Japanese were right below China but many others were even less inthe periphery of ChinaRelationship between China and the outside world is hierarchical China is at the top everyone else below ChinaDiploma
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