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HIST 3760A Modern Japan- Reform Efforts Under the Tokugawa

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HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1stMonday November 21 2011HIST 3760AREFORM EFFORS UNDER THE TOKUGAWAThe Genroku Watershed 16881704The significanceo1 Marks end of bureaucratization of the samuraiUntil the Genroku period most people thought that war was the regular way of eventso2 Merchanteconomic power becomes a key in societyo3 End of economic good times for manyStart of serious fiscal and social problems for the state writ largeExample 1 population trends comparing to the start of the Tokugawa period population doubled by 1721 in around 100 yearsLeveled off in the next 140 yearsExample 2 Japan has slowly began to lose its precious metals they traded it away too many times to China and other countries for other resourcesThey used to be rich in metals but by the end the amount of silver and other metals declined drasticallyExample 3 there were a series of natural disasters that took place typhoons floods plagues locus invasions eruption in Mount FujiSalient featureso1 Tokugawa house held supremacy over everyone else including the courto2 Ricebased economy in which villages were selfsufficiento3 Issue of strict controls on foreign trade and immigrationo4 Social status segregationThe institutions that periled these 4 pillars of society were as followso1 Expenditure increased demand for trade stimulate trade industry communication and business on a nationwide scaleMany if not all fell into debt to the merchantso2 Ricebased economys selfsufficiency began to break downThat was the only source of wealth all wealth was calculated on the basis of riceGreat cities were developing Edo was the largest city in the world thduring the 17 century had about a million people in itA village was never too far away from a town or cityRice gave way to currencyPeasants were becoming farmers begin to produce not just what they need to eat but also what they need to earn money on the side
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